"Very Agatha Christie like! I can't wait to read the the 2nd installment." - Amazon reader.

Murder on Bedford Island: An Alex Trotter Mystery

Murder on Bedford Island: An Alex Trotter Mystery

This is the first book in Ms. Peyton's murder mystery series featuring female tour operator turned amateur sleuth, Alex Trotter. The series hearkens back to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple books and the TV series, Murder, She Wrote.

Here, Alex has misgivings about taking a group of tourists to Bedford Island off the coast of Georgia to stay at the historic Grover Inn. Not only is the island cut off from land and all communication, but she senses that some of the guests may be troublemakers.  

Soon after arrival, Alex must probe into mysterious accidents, and contend with such nettlesome problems as a poisonous love triangle, a treacherous family reunion, and surly hotel employees. But, when a dead body turns up in the inn’s study during a live-action game of Clue, Detective Arlie Tate is summoned from the mainland to take on the case. 

The somewhat rumpled policeman gives Alex pause that he’s up to the task, so she sets out to follow clues on her own. But has she misjudged the competence of the policeman to her peril?  The harrowing conclusion holds more than a few surprises for both Alex and the reader.

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