A little bit about me.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Prior to launching my career as a writer, I worked in various professions. 

I was first exposed to the craft of writing as a young child when my mother, an editor of Young Adult Fiction, would read her galleys to me and ask me questions like, "Do the characters sound real? Are you interested in the story?"
After college, I worked as a caseworker on Chicago's South Side, followed by a stint as an Interior Designer on the North Shore. 
My third profession was that of legal assistant, becoming acquainted with rules of evidence and courtroom procedures, and honing my research skills. 
I feel that my varied careers and experiences with people from all walks of life have helped me to write vivid plots with authentic characters.
I now live near Knoxville, Tennessee in Loudon, with my husband Jim and our Havanese dog, Cody.

My Books